Hello, I'm Michelle Perry.


Growing up in the 80’s as a bi-racial female (before it was widespread and cool to be more than one race) without a father, the struggle with identity, self-worth and discouragement was real. Poor choices led to a path of potential life destruction resulting in trauma, academic failure, and a lack of purpose and life direction.


Until January 2, 1992 when an experience meeting death changed my life forever. Details about this experience are outlined in the international best selling book, “The Pebble in My Shoe.”  This experience propelled me into Purpose and Service.

The Story


After graduating from Columbia University in the city of New York with a Masters of Science in Advanced Clinical Social Work, I served over 20 years in the field of Child Welfare  becoming a national consultant, national abuse risk manager and subject matter expert.


After experiencing life and work burn-out, and significant health issues, I transitioned into Corporate America where I was able to heal and restore myself and my life.


Co-workers began coming to me for coaching and consultation... then they began to leave envelopes of cash on my desk - unsolicited - indicating that I needed to officially monetize my efforts and actions. 


Successful Diligence, LLC was birthed and The Successful Diligence Podcast was launched in 2019 with over 450 episodes and three seasons as of 2022! The School, Life Strategy Consulting and Awareness Coaching were also established in 2019 and in 2020 the international best selling book “The Pebble in My Shoe” was published.


In 2020 and 2021 I was invited to be a speaker on multiple podcasts, live shows, international seminars, summits and workshops and was a regular Moderator on the Clubhouse App.


This enabled me to refine my signature talks: “Paying Attention Saves Lives” and “Live a Successful Life: Tell the Truth.”


Well versed in both clinical and self development theories, principles and strategies, I absolutely love serving to equip and empower others to produce successful outcomes in their lives, to manifest the best version of themselves, and to curate a life that they want to jump out of bed in the morning to live!

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