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"Paying Attention Saves Lives"

"Live a Successful Life: Tell the Truth"

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As a #1 international best selling self published author I can equip you to self publish in 90 days. 

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January 2, 1992: one experience changed my life forever, propelling me into purpose and service. Details about this life changing experience are outlined in the international best selling book “The Pebble in My Shoe”.


Growing up in the 80’s as a bi-racial (before it was widespread and cool to be bi-racial) female without a father, the struggle with identity, self-worth and discouragement was real. Poor choices led to a path…


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The Successful Diligence School


"Mindfulness and Gratitude are things no one really tells you how to actually do... and this course explains and walks through what they are and how to do them in a way that is doable. The practices that are introduced in the course will change your life if you do them."

ChrisCourse Student

"The course was easy to understand and follow along with. The information was value added! I found the downloads really helpful. In times like these (COVID-19) this course is really needed and a great reminder for perspective."

CatrinaCourse Student

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The Butterfly Transformation course is about self-discovery: being honest with yourself about who you are and who you want to become.

The course is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey to help you evaluate where you are, mentally and emotionally, and where you want to go.

What makes this course unique are the tried and true strategies and tools we provide. We don’t discuss abstract concepts, only to leave you to interpret and apply them alone. Our course is laid out in such a way that we walk with you on this journey and help you tailor these concepts to your needs and your life.

You will be supported and equipped to make new decisions, create new choices, and think in new ways which will provide you with an empowered stance in your life.

 The tools and strategies we provide are not just applicable to a certain period of life. They are timeless techniques that work for any and every stage of life. Whether you are a young person in need of direction, or a seasoned veteran transforming yet again, our course was created for you. Life is full of seasons and obstacles we’ve yet to face. But once healthy habits and mindsets are practiced and put into place, there will be a stable foundation of consistency to build your life on.

 Tackling and overcoming new challenges does not have to be overwhelming. Instead, we can learn to embrace each season as it is. Because like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, we know there will be transformation and beauty waiting for us on the other side.

 If you feel overwhelmed by where you’re at and you don’t know where to start, the Butterfly Transformation Course was made for you. Our desire is for each individual who is looking for a path forward to take this course, and not only be able to articulate who they are but to also have an actionable plan to move forward.

 -KimCourse Student says, "I am more aware of my decisions and my reactions now. This course has taught me how to be conscious in my life and gave me the tools to change my life. I would have paid thousands of dollars to realize this change. I am a better person, a better wife, and a better mother because of The Butterfly Transformation Course! " 

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There is such power in having an impact and influencing others. Intention can focus your impact to be positive vs negative and truly empower others.


It is so important to understand what impact is, how to be skillful in implementing influence, and to be intentional with the legacy we leave in and for others. True success in life comes from the impact that we have and the value that we provide from our influence.

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R. Patryce Bryant - Coaching Client

"Michelle overdelivers and has brought tremendous value to my life that is tangible and life enhancing"

Rudy S - Coaching Client

"Michelle gives an assignment that usually requires an action step which get me into activity mode which creates momentum in thought or actively doing something that will yield results!"

Kim - Coaching Client

"Working with Michelle has been life changing. She is always so encouraging and gives me a different perspective to think about when I bring an issue or problem to her.

She always gives me something to think about that I can put into action in my life that changes how I look at situations."

Daniel - Coaching Client

"Michelle is great at listening to the problem as it’s told, understanding the root of the problem, and providing advice and support.

She is able to maintain a friendly demeanor while providing direct honest feedback. She is great at framing messages to ensure they are impactful and understood."

Markeith - Coaching Client

"Michelle has added value to my life by encouraging me to be unapologetic in simply being myself. My will to be me is stronger, thanks to Michelle’s coaching."

What others saying:


"Michelle has a unique way of passing on professional, evidenced-based tactics for a happy life delivered with a "friend next door" feel."

Experience the Power of Awareness...


Your journey begins when you wake up each day. Choose to live with vision, purpose, intention and excitement.


There are a range of opportunities to serve you, so you can obtain what you are seeking for your life and to challenge you to walk into the best version of yourself.


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